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Are you ready for the last declutter journey you will ever need?


Discover how to break the cycle of procrastination, overwhelm & burnout forever so you can consistently achieve without losing your edge

When you start to clear physical, mental & emotional clutter, you release yourself from the hamster wheel & can harness & channel your energy to achieve the control you need for clarity, calm & focus

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Speaking with Susie was such a breath of fresh air. She combines a lovely mix of skillsets; being incredibly competent on coaching as well as being entirely relatable, approachable and down to earth. She exudes calm and her positivity is infectious. 


I'm Susie, and I will be your Declutter Coach, to guide you on your transformation from chaos to clarity.

I will help you see how life can be different from the overwhelm, take you off the energy roller coaster, stop you being at the mercy of your brain and release you from feeling trapped, to get you back in the driving seat of your own life.

I know how it feels to have fluctuating energy and motivation levels and not know how you will be waking up. To be forever chasing your tail, drowning in clutter, overwhelmed with negative thoughts and forever beating yourself up because you feel "less than" others, lazy, thinking you should just try harder or put more effort in.

When you are not prioritising self-care, constantly thinking you're at fault, worth less, or masking your authentic self, it is extremely difficult to seek help objectively, to know where or how to look for help, or even what help you need. You can feel ashamed of your physical clutter, or that you simply don't have the time to sit and think about where to start - you ask yourself why do you find it so hard to get everything done and do you even deserve help and support?!


Here's a clue: You don't wait until you are not sick to seek medical help because you are ashamed of being poorly, (although I have nearly done that myself!) - so don't wait to seek help with your clutter because there really is nothing to be ashamed of!

ADHD and clutter go hand in hand due to many factors which I am sure you will be familiar with but I will help you discover that you can live differently, you can take control and you can certainly stop blaming yourself for any clutter around you. 

Let me hold your hand and help you see beyond the self-criticism, beyond the wired-tired state, and with my lived experience, we will ensure you make changes, clear your mind and space, define healthy boundaries, and continue to be reminded that that the clutter around you- (physical, mental or emotional) does not define you and does not need to keep ruling your life.

A 12 week 1:1 coaching programme to transform your life

This is an holistic, virtual coaching programme for women who identify as having ADHD or feel they experience the struggles that ADHD brings- whether diagnosed or not- who are trapped by physical mental and emotional clutter.

You are swinging from procrastination to overwhelm and never know which is going to hit so your energy zigzags, you end up going round in circles and down rabbit holes and not achieving the things you really want to.

You maybe had dreams or ambitions in the past, or there are things that you want, but every day passes by and you are not making progress towards them.

You may wonder if this really applies to you - you're so busy ALL the time and when you're not running at 100 miles an hour you are so tired and exhausted that you need the recovery time. Surely there's no time for procrastination - yet there are sooo many things undone, so many half started chores or projects, so may unrealised dreams.

All that busy-ness doesn't exist by chance, what is it protecting you from and helping you avoid? And then the rest that your body craves is necessary to balance your energy and health. 

If you want get off the hamster wheel now, stop simply surviving, say goodbye to the overwhelm, burnout and the tired but wired cycle where one more curve-ball could send you spiraling, then you have come to the right place.

You will be held, supported and guided on a path through the physical, mental and emotional clutter in your life, without any judgement and without adding any more to your over-full plate and together we will find your Space to Live.. 

What does it look like?

Note: Don't worry about timings, session lengths, talking too much or going on a tangent - I will be keeping us on track.


Complementary conversation to ensure we are a match. This will give you the comfort you need, before you invest, in who I am and that I can definitely help you. You want to make sure that I am the right person to help and that you feel comfortable opening up and are able to share honestly with me what's currently going on.

. I will also send you a comprehensive questionnaire to super-charge our first session.

Phase 1: Getting to know you

Let it all out as authentically as you can and without holding back, so that I can understand exactly how you're feeling and how you are experiencing the world. This will make sure I fully understand your life, your responsibilities and your struggles. It is important that I see this full picture so we can start to see where the difficulties lie.

Phase 2: What do you really want

We get clear on what you really want - we will cut through the "should dos" and "need to dos" to work out what you actually want for yourself- beyond what you have considered you deserve or thought possible. Enabling you to craft a vision of a life and direction that really suits you. I will encourage you to be aspirational here so you can start to see beyond the current limitations and barriers that you see,

Phase 3: Setting you up for success

This phase is important as we will pressure test how much you really want to change. We dig deeper into how the cycle you are currently stuck in - whether that looks like procrastination, overwhelm, burnout or a mixture, and get really specific as to what that means - the pro's and the cons. This will enable you to get crystal clear on what your next steps need to be.

This part can be challenging but it is where the changes start to occur. Trust the process and start to enjoy seeing and feeling things as they start to shift.

Phase 4: Habits for the future

We take a holistic look as to how your ADHD is affecting things, we also discover how, on top of these, you may be sabotaging yourself. We examine your habits - good and bad so we can see what's helping, whats hindering and reveal where your time and energy are going.

When we say things to ourselves, or do things in the same way over and over, we can often forget to question ourselves and this phase will make sure your thoughts and actions are intentional and useful. 

Phase 5: Letting go

 How easy do you find it to let go of things you don't need? With ADHD it can be a complex web of reasons that make it harder- often it is the decision making part, deciding whether or not you need something, that is the most challenging. ADHD brains often work by considering the "now" or the "not now", and if something falls into the "not now" bucket then it can be almost impossible to make a decision.

 This phase will ensure you have no fears, regrets or guilt lingering so you will let go of clutter from your life with ease and confidence. This may be physical items, thought patterns that are keeping you stuck, and emotions that you have not been ready to deal with yet.

Phase 6: Reflections and Maintenance

This programme is not a quick fix, so we ensure you are happy with your progress and be equipped to maintain what you have learnt and step into the future with strength, consistency and above all more compassion, knowledge and control for yourself.. This step is important so that you have clarity on your way forward and can feel ready and able to move away from the coaching environment with confidence.

Post coaching

The process isn't linear of course and I will always be here to support you further down the line should you ever need a re-focus or specific help. Many clients book a one-off "maintenance" session after a few months.

The transformation

How I will help

I work with women who, like you, desperately want something different but can't yet see how things could change; who want to regain control over their lives but cannot see where or how to start.

Recently, I have started to understand what it means to "lean into your "strengths". I hadn't considered that the way I could declutter and simplify, quite intuitively, as a personal strength. It is just what I had been doing, and continue to do, over and over again to just keep my life on track and keep moving towards my goals. It is now time to share the strengths, skills and learnings with others. 


My mission is to improve as many lives as I can, by equipping women with what they need to cut through their clutter and chaos so that they can achieve clarity and space to discover, design and live out their personal dreams with passion and energy.

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You are destined to be a superhero coach. Your knowledge and perspective along with your warm soul endears you to be awesome in every way.


What you can expect

You can have a life where:

Physical clutter is gone:

You are finding things with ease

Seeing your world open up

Spending more time living and less time moving stuff around

Enjoying visitors popping round

Living calmly with just want you need around you

Sleeping better

Mental clutter is gone:

Your are feeling in control

Enjoying more energy

Dealing with curve balls with ease

Having clarity of mind

Enjoying relaxing

Reading all those books you have

Hearing a positive inner narrative

Finding and achieving your dreams and enjoy your successes

Emotional clutter is gone:

Making choices from a place of positivity and based on what you genuinely want

Laughing more - LIVING more

Feeling like a better mum, partner, employee, and YOU

KNOWING yourself and what you like

​Managing challenges (not just coping)

Feeling resilient

Losing weight and/or enjoying better health

Feeling a lighter and lifted mood

Saying goodbye to shame & guilt

Finding compassion for yourself

Expanding your comfort zone

And all this just becomes your new way of life...

Lucy who came to me when she was struggling to focus on her business while holding down her day-job and being a mum to her 4 children. She was overwhelmed with all her responsibilities and wasn't getting to do the important things to drive her business forward or even the things she truly enjoyed (if she could remember what those things were!) We gently unraveled what it was she was holding on to so tightly, and what was creating the obstacles so we could start to get rid of this "clutter" to allow her to breathe again and find her "space".

How about my lovely client who lives in Wokingham. She had struggled with mental health difficulties which had come to a head a few years before we met. She had got through this really difficult period in her life by becoming hyper-focussed on a particular brand she loved which then led to her spending more money than she wanted and her house becoming filled and cluttered. It was a real wrench for her to begin the decluttering process but she was brave and decided that her space and future life were better with less stuff.

Together we will:

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Working Remotely
  • Clarify and solve the real problems by getting to the root cause, not just the surface issues, to enable you to break free from clutter, overthinking, emotional spirals and overwhelm. so you can understand why things haven’t worked before.​

  • Our method of breaking things down by creating easy, step-by-step, practical daily habits will ensure that you can see the way forward so you can enjoy living a life where your energy and motivation are in balance. No more swinging from overwork to burnout and going round in circles so you can start to feel a sense of focus and achievement.

  • Be motivated by positive feelings rather than guilt or shame so you can move forward without the constant need to reset. Stop over booking yourself and missing out on down time and relaxation because you’re forgetting things, feeling guilty and not prioritising yourself first.


  • Realise the space and comfort you truly want from your home and life so you can take control and let go of what is not serving you without fear or guilt. Harness your energy and spirit to channel your brilliance and achieve consistency and contentment.

  • Live authentically and with the knowing that you are enough. Reconnect with your personal strengths and make them work for you so you can rediscover who you are and what is important in your life. Everything has its place and you are managing life's curve balls with ease.

Join me for:

  • An ADHD specific, flexible, virtual programme of 1:1 coaching. Carefully crafted  to your needs, so we can really make sure you get exactly what you need in a time frame that suits you.

  • 6 longer coaching sessions and 3 shorter practical, "body doubling* sessions to balance the physical, mental and emotional decluttering so you can take a holistic approach and see results across your life.

  • Access to me via WhatsApp and email throughout your programme to ensure you are fully supported and have your questions answered as and when you need.


The total price is £999 &

can be paid flexibly

Take control today and let's declutter together...

How is clutter getting in your way?

Clutter is anything stopping you from being able to do, think and feel what you want to, so if there are areas of your life that you want to improve chances are decluttering can help.

Clutter can be physical, mental and emotional - i.e. the stuff around you, the thought patterns bringing you down or the over-reactions that you may feel to name a few; you may feel that you are coping or generally keeping on top of things but clutter leads to more clutter, effectively snowballing until you make a change.

You have heard the expression tidy house, tidy mind, well it works in reverse too - you know the feeling when you have had a long day at work, you're tired, have a headache coming on, you have to collect the kids and get milk on the way home; you get through the front door and are reminded of the mess in the hallway, the washing up left in the sink, perhaps there is a bill on the table that remains unpaid, a text beeps through, and then your phone starts ringing and you haven't even put all the bags down yet. All you want is to sit down and forget everything and everyone but it feels like there is a mountain to climb before you can switch off for the day.

The more stuff you have in your home, the heavier the demands on your shoulders, the more unresolved emotions you have then the more likely you are to feel overwhelmed, stressed and ultimately unfulfilled.

So, start to declutter and start to live the way you want to!

Find out which form of clutter is holding you back the most and why you need to start now...

Is physical clutter your issue?

Physical - the "stuff" around you, the boxes in the loft or the garage, the mess on the kitchen table, the piles you have to sift through to find anything. The laundry heaps, the food in the cupboards past its best- you get the picture.

It is bad for our health - collecting dust, wasting our time, draining our energy and costing us money. We buy duplicate items because we can't find the original; we are holding on to things we don't need and we get frustrated trying to find things; snapping at family members when it is their stuff under our feet.

Very quickly, your physical clutter will lead to mental and emotional clutter. and you'll start to experience more effects.

How many can you tick off?

3 or more and physical clutter could be a problem.

Physical clutter checklist

  • Do you have boxes in the loft or garage?

  • Are you constantly moving stuff from one place to another?

  • Do you have to clear the table BEFORE you eat?

  • SO many clothes and nothing to wear?

  • Forever hunting to find things? Knowing it is there somewhere... but where?

  • Where does it go when you put it  somewhere "safe"?

  • Doom bags that you need to sort out

  • A desk, table or spare room that you can no longer use.

  • Fed up with clutter everywhere and questioning whether your house is too small or if you need more storage.

clutter room.png

Mental clutter checklist

  • Are you often overwhelmed?

  • Do you struggle to know what to do next?

  • Feel like you are going in circles?

  • Is your mind often whirring - like either being wired or tired?

  • Do you struggling to concentrate?

  • Feel like you are losing control of your time?

  • Have you forgotten appointments?

  • Find  yourself over-committing and constantly feeling frazzled?

  • Not achieving or progressing?


Is mental clutter a factor?

Mental - the "stuff" in your head that stops you from thinking clearly. The brain fog that stops you seeing and distinguishing what is important and what is necessary from the noise of opinions and conflicting detail. It traps you where you are and stops you from taking control; it prevents healthy boundaries, clear thinking and conflates facts and fiction.

Mental clutter wastes your time and energy and prevents you from achieving, progressing and getting satisfaction from your life.

How many can you tick off?

2 of these and mental clutter could be your priority.

Is emotional clutter holding you back?

Emotional - the unprocessed emotions from your life to date. The trauma that your body carries but your conscious mind doesn't want to acknowledge. The constant sense that we are not good enough, not deserving or that we are not even worth the compassion or empathy that we readily show others.

There is an underlying sense that we are not quite as important as others and that our wants and needs are not worthy of attention. 

Emotional clutter causes us to live in flight or fright and doesn't allow us to be fully emotionally present in the moments of our life.

How many can you tick off?

Even 1 of these and emotional clutter may be something you want to work on.

Emotional clutter checklist

  • Motivated by guilt, shame or fear

  • Over-reactions to things

  • Feeling jumpy

  • Struggle to say "no" or set boundaries

  • Not sure what you like anymore

  • Hanging on to old clothes

  • Find it difficult to part with things

  • Lack the energy to do anything

  • Rarely feel excited

  • Spending time "doom" scrolling

  • Lost your purpose or "mojo"

  • Feel like a puppet - just existing for other people.

Stressed Woman

When you start to understand your clutter, you can start to deal with it

Book now and let me know which form of clutter is holding you back the most.

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I have had coaching before, and maybe that was right for me at that time, but this is the first time that I have created significant enough shifts to make the changes I needed. This coaching really has transformed my situation and I will be forever grateful to have received coaching from you.

Now is the time to take your first step from procrastination to purpose

Don't keep living in limbo - it is either now, or not now... what are you waiting for?

PS - Please know that however much clutter you have, wherever you are starting from, it is not a reflection of your worth as a person.

Housework is not a moral issue!

"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, we can discuss the best option for you including spreading the payments over the course of the coaching. If the programme is of interest then let's chat about how we can make it work. You will see the options to pay in 3 payments of £333 or 6 payments of £166.50 on the bookings page and I am happy to discuss alternatives if a different arrangement would suit you better.
  • How long does the programme take?
    Again it is entirely flexible - usually between 3-6 months.- This is to ensure you maintain momentum without feeling overwhelmed trying to fit yet another thing in!
  • What is the weekly time commitment?
    Usually we will meet every 2,3 or 4 weeks depending on your schedule.
  • What if I book a session and need to move it?
    If you provide more than 24 hours notice then we can just rearrange; with less than 24 hours notice it will depend if I can re-use the space.
  • How long are the main sessions?
    I plan for 6x 1.5 hour sessions but these can be flexed to 60 or 45 minute sessions.
  • What are the 20 minute sessions for?
    These are our "blast" sessions where we tackle your physical clutter - it can be tiring as we will be making a lot of decisions together which is why the session is shorter. (This is still virtual)
  • Will it hurt?!
    You will want to be prepared to change and consider other perspectives but you will never be forced to share or do anything you don't want to.
  • Will there be work to do between sessions?
    There will be optional activities you can do between sessions which will help your progress - you will probably find yourself reflecting and hopefully find the "homework" useful but it is not mandatory.
  • How will I know it's working?
    Your progress is unlikely to be linear and some days you will feel confident that you have made shifts and are operating differently however some days could be more difficult and you may wonder why you ever started. Trust the process and keep note of the small things as you go along.
  • What results can I expect?
    As above - your progress is unlikely to be linear - you will feel shifts and notice things change as well as sometimes feeling back to square one. Sticking with the programme you can expect a transformation in the way you live and approach things. The more clutter you clear - physically, mentally and emotionally the more change you can expect to bring into your life.

Next steps

Select an option below. I can't wait to hear from you and getting you started on the FINAL declutter journey you will ever need

What will your clutter-free life look like?

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