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Discover how to break the cycle of clutter and procrastination forever

So that you can uncover, harness and channel your authentic strengths


Are you:

  • Trapped by physical, mental & emotional clutter?

  • Swinging from procrastination to overwhelm never knowing which is going to hit so you end up  going in round in circles and not achieving the things you really want.

  • Tired of missing out because you’re forgetting things and feeling guilty.

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Together we will:

  • Create easy, step-by-step, practical daily habits to banish your overwhelm so you can understand why things haven’t worked before. Our method of breaking things down will ensure that you can see the way forward and break free from your clutter and enjoy living a balanced life.

  • Clarify what you truly want from your home and your life to feel in control, organised and step forward with a clear and confident mindset so you can really and truly connect authentically with the world.

  • Unlock your personal strengths and start making them work for you so you can rediscover who you are and what is important in your life to enable you to take control and let go of what is not serving you without fear or guilt ensuring that you can harness your energy and spirit and channel your brilliance.

Do you have the courage to imagine how your life could be?

Join me for:

  • An ADHD specific, bespoke and flexible, virtual programme of 1:1 coaching, so we can really make sure you get exactly what you need in a time frame that suits you.

  • Working with practical, and body doubling, sessions to get stuff done and make sure we are cutting all 3 forms of clutter at once.

  • Access to me via WhatsApp and email throughout your programme to ensure you are fully supported and have your questions answered when you need.


The total price is £999 & can be paid flexibly

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