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Are you ready for the last declutter journey you will ever need?

find your space to live


Discover how to break the cycle of procrastination forever

So that you can live a clutter-free life, get more done and make space for what you LOVE

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Speaking with Susie was such a breath of fresh air. She combines a lovely mix of skillsets; being incredibly competent on coaching as well as being entirely relatable, approachable and down to earth. She exudes calm and her positivity is infectious.


    Are you...

  • Missing out on life - losing control of your time, forgetting appointments, chasing your tail, over committing and feeling frazzled. You are going round in circles, not achieving anything and worry that time is running out.

  • Fed up with clutter everywhere and questioning whether your house is too small or if you need more storage.

  • Swinging from overwhelm and overwork to procrastination and “doom scrolling”. Have you lost your purpose in life beyond “mum”, and are just existing as a puppet for other people.

Let me help

I work with women who desperately want something different but can't yet see how things could change; who want to regain control over their lives but cannot see where or how to start.

My mission is to improve as many lives as I can, by equipping women with what they need to cut through clutter and chaos and achieve clarity and space to discover, design and live out their dreams with passion and clarity.


    Together we will:

  • Follow a step-by-step approach with easy daily habits and practical tips to banish your overwhelm so you can understand why things haven’t worked before. Our method of breaking things down will ensure that you get more ticked off and achieved so you can enjoy relaxing, guilt free and actually have some down time.

  • Rediscover who you are and find your "mojo". Decide what's really important in your life, so you can assert boundaries, let go of what is not serving you without fear or guilt. Feel true motivation, confidence, and energy to take back control and lift the weight from off your shoulders. Reveal your dreams and desires and pursue them with renewed passion.

  • Clarify and solve the real problems by getting to the root cause and not just the surface issues so you can realise what you truly want from your home and your life to feel in control, organised and step forward with a clear and confident mindset. Creating comfortable space for you and your family where everything has its place and visitors are welcome anytime.


    Join me for:

  • A bespoke and flexible, virtual programme of 1:1 coaching, so we can really make sure you get exactly what you need in a time frame that suits you.

  • 6 longer coaching sessions and 3 short "blast" sessions to balance the physical, mental and emotional decluttering so you can cut clutter in 3 ways at once.

  • Access to me via WhatsApp and email throughout your programme to ensure you are fully supported and have your questions answered when you need.

The total price is £999 & can be paid flexibly

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You are destined to be a superhero coach. Your knowledge and perspective along with your warm soul endears you to be awesome in every way.



q: Do you offer payment plans?

a: Yes, we can discuss the best option for you including spreading the payments

over the course of the coaching.

q: How long does the programme take?

a: Again it is entirely flexible - usually between 3-6 months.

q: What is the weekly time commitment?

a: Usually we will meet every 2,3 or 4 weeks depending on your schedule.

q: How long are the main sessions?

a: I plan for 6x 1.5 hour sessions but these can be flexed to 60 or 45 minute sessions

q: What are the 20 minute sessions for?

a: These are our "blast" sessions where we tackle your physical clutter - it can be tiring as we will be making a lot of decisions together which is why the session is shorter. (This is still virtual)

q: Will it hurt?!

a: You will want to be prepared to change and consider other perspectives but you will never be forced to share or do anything you don't want to.

q: Will there be work to do between sessions?

a: There will be optional activities you can do between sessions which will help your progress - you will probably find yourself reflecting and hopefully find the "homework" useful but it is not mandatory.

q: How will I know its working?

a: Your progress is unlikely to be linear and some days you will feel confident that you have made shifts and are operating differently however some days could be more difficult and you may wonder why you ever started. Trust the process and keep note of the small things as you go along.

q: What results can I expect?

a: As above - your progress is unlikely to be linear - you will feel shifts and notice things change as well as sometimes feeling back to square one. Sticking with the programme you can expect a transformation in the way you live and approach things. The more clutter you clear - physically, mentally and emotionally the more change you can expect to bring into your life.

q: Do you offer a guarantee?

a: I do not offer a guarantee as where your personal journey takes you is not always defined up front - it is also dependent on your willingness to change and the work you put in.

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