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Find your space to live...

find your space to live programme

Helping overwhelmed mums regain control & rediscover who they are beyond Mum (4)_edited_ed

Are you a busy, tired mum who needs to regain control & rediscover who you are beyond being "Mum", to live your life feeling calm & clutter free?

Helping overwhelmed mums regain control

ADH-D-Clutter programme


Is ADHD keeping you trapped in physical, mental & emotional clutter, swinging from procrastination to overwhelm, going in circles instead of harnessing your energy & spirit.

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Still puzzled - book a complementary call to answer any questions and to see which programme is right for you.

I will make sure you get a useful action to take away with no obligation.

Speak soon!

  • A 1:1 call to tackle your clutter (phone or video)

    45 min

    65 British pounds
  • A 1:1 call where I ensure you make progress (phone or video)

    45 min

    65 British pounds
  • Book me if you are already a client (phone or video)

    1 hr

    99 British pounds

With concrete actions to take away

You tell me what you having been putting off and then we get it done (clutter related, work related, home admin etc)

FREE Workshop

clear mind, clear space: adh-d-clutter workshop

next DATE: TBC

A 1.5-hour workshop to tackle your physical, mental and emotional clutter

  • ADHD friendly (all welcome)

  • Determine your true clutter priority

  • Declutter with more compassion for yourself

  • Get a tangible "next best step" task to put into action straight away

  • Stop procrastinating and start taking action!

are you a business owner?

Is decluttering part of your business strategy?

If not then you need my £15 guide to make sure you are not sabotaging your business success with clutter.

group coaching

maintenance sessions

Group coaching includes the same content and time as the 1:1 program but delivered in a group setting. This is a great option if you would like the accountability of a group or would like to join with a friend.


You will only ever have to share what you are comfortable with and still get the transformational insights of the 1:1 programme.

If you have participated in a coaching programme I offer one-off maintenance sessions to help you stay in control and build on your new perspectives.

These are £99 each.

Book a call - For questions & clarity

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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