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February 2023 - 406 Challenge

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Starting a decluttering habit is not easy especially when you may already feel overwhelmed, ashamed, guilty or frustrated with the “stuff” around you. You may have good intentions around habits, you may even find it easy to do other things that are good for you, but decluttering may remain elusive. It can be hard to know where to start, the “right” way to do it or even what you are aiming for.

Personally, I am not a minimalist, and minimalism is definitely not for everyone. I like having nice things around me, I like my environment to reflect my personality and I also need it to work for me- for instance having things accessible that I use every day and being able to see things that make me smile such as photographs.

Decluttering my space means – to me – having things in their places, being able to access and find what I need without hunting around and having physical space, so I do not feel hemmed in by too many things around me. It may be different for you – you may want more, or less, stuff- but the principle remains: Less clutter equals more space in more ways than one! Having more physical space gives you more mental and emotional space too.

The 406 challenge is a simple and easy part of any decluttering journey by providing you with a task and a target. Completing the challenge is a manageable way to build a decluttering habit by embedding practices into your daily life without too much extra work or time. You can feel achievement without needing to think too hard or plan your own method. Whatever your need in terms of decluttering join the challenge on Facebook this February to give you a boost.

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