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February 2024 - Who Knew?

When I started my coaching journey in 2019 I had no idea how deep it would go.

Running a business from the heart has led me to many places of self-discovery and feeling the strands of my life coming together feels like putting a jigsaw back together.

My first look at coaching was on a half day taster course where I was able to learn some theory and do some practice. I didn't realise these powerful conversations had a name and what a wealth of knowledge was sitting there ready to be discovered. It was love at first sight!

Following this short experience I signed up to do a coaching qualification and passed that within the year. I was lucky enough to be able to start a coaching programme at my work place and began to see the effects in "real life" with my colleagues being able to speak to me openly and discover what they truly wanted, apply for internal roles, gain confidence to do the difficult things, get promoted and even leave for other opportunities.

In 2022 I moved companies and was again very lucky to be able to join the internal group of coaches to provide valuable coaching again to my colleagues. The biggest milestone in my personal coaching journey came in the summer of 2023 when I joined a cohort undertaking a masters level coaching qualification. This course and these people have changed my life and given me the knowledge, experience, confidence and support to discover who I am and who I want to be.

I am not sure whether it is working with so many inspirational human beings, doing something I love or learning more about myself that makes it so special but I know this is the path I have always meant to walk.

This is why I want to share the experience of coaching with as many people as possible - if you want something to change (even if you are not sure what) and are ready to look deep inside yourself and put in some hard work then get in touch.

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