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May 2024 - ADHD & Clutter

This is very close to my heart and I am surprised I haven't already written about it. I suppose it could be because they are so intrinsically linked in my mind that I haven't yet go to this point where I can see them as separate!

You may have noticed that I ran a workshop last week about these topics and the link between them - I have also launched a specific coaching programme called "ADH-D-Clutter". The workshop was well attended and got some great feedback so I will definitely be running that that again - you can register your interest here.

If you live with ADHD - diagnosed or not - then you will know some of the struggles and be able to identify with much of what I am saying. I must stress though that I am not medically trained, nor an expert, nor am I equipped to talk from anyone else's perspective except my own. I have professional experience working with many individuals with a variety of neurodiverse characteristics and my own lived experience.

Clutter, as we know, shows up physically, mentally and emotionally. It is anything that gets in the way of us being able to think, feel, and do what we want and ultimately live the life we want to. (Half the battle maybe not knowing what we want but that's a different story!)

So why can clutter exist, or present, more for those with ADHD?

I have cut the massive list into 5 main topics:

  • Executive dysfunction

  • View of self

  • Relationships

  • History

  • Emotional factors

I will be sharing, over the next few days, a breakdown of each topic, but hopefully you can see that none of them say the things you may have been saying to yourself such as, "I am lazy", "I am not good enough", "I am stupid", "It's just me".

I'd love to hear about how you feel your ADHD affects clutter (and vice versa perhaps!) Feel free to drop me an email.

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