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January 2023 - Why Space?

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

The name of my business came from exactly what I found I needed every time something felt off or difficult. I was looking for “space” – in the physical sense and also as “head” space.

Too much stuff, too many things to do, too many options etc etc. It felt like the “too much” was getting in the way of living the best life I could be. A clear organised space in the physical, mental and emotional sense can help you think more clearly, feel calmer and move forward with focus. It can be a two-pronged approach – decluttering the house as well as working on your thought processes and mental load or you can pick one and start with that if it feels more manageable, i.e., starting with selling some clothes, sorting the kitchen cupboards or seeking coaching for instance.

I started the business by offering an eBay service to help people declutter and make them money from their unwanted items, this progressed into offering a service to help people decide what it was they wanted to sell, next I offered a decluttering process to people to work through the whole house and then finally after qualifying as a coach I can now help people virtually in the mental and emotional space-finding mission. The coaching process can often lead to the physical manifestation of space as well as often the physical environment is just a representation of our mental state and so once changes start to happen internally these can be translated into the external environment.

Finding “space” can be transformational in helping you achieve your goals, see new perspectives, and make the impossible seem possible.

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