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November 2023 - Clutter - Physical, mental or Emotional?

When you think of clutter your mind might jump straight to what you can see around you - the physical clutter. It is certainly easier to see than some other forms of clutter but is that where it really all started?

When I work with people around physical clutter there is always something else lingering in the background waiting for us to talk about - whether that is mental or emotional clutter or a bit of both. Physical clutter rarely exists in isolation - talking to clients about how clutter has arrived in their physical life can be very enlightening for them to understand themselves a bit more - whether it was a life event such as moving house, new child, divorce, people passing away, children leaving home or perhaps a more health based situation such as trauma, an accident, depression, or anxiety there will be something there to talk about. This is why I am so passionate about using coaching for clutter.

Physical clutter and your relationship with yours can be quite revealing in terms of how you deal with life in general. Do you have it all out in a chaotic mess, do you pack it away neatly in boxes, do you hide it when you have visitors, do you feel shame or guilt about the amount of "baggage" you have? Can you see how this might relate to your mental health and emotions as well?

What came first can be tricky to establish - did a difficult event lead you to "treat" yourself and buy a few things which then became your crutch. Or perhaps a physical illness lead you to neglect your space which lead to depression. Maybe you have been given unwanted gifts that you feel guilty to pass on - but really you feel a pang of guilt because there are people in your life you don't see enough of?

You can see how intrinsically clutter is with how we live, how we think and how we feel and clutter in any space of our life can be detrimental to your well-being.

Why not take my quiz to see which type of clutter is presenting you with your biggest challenge at the moment?

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