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April 2023 - Spring Cleaning

Although the term “Spring Cleaning” might strike terror into your heart, the way I mean it is not in an all-consuming, overwhelming way. Spring cleaning can be as gentle as the spring sun which luckily has just started to show itself this week! With my birthday being in early April, the month always feels to be like new beginnings and never more so when the weather starts to change. Spring cleaning to me feels like taking stock of my life as a whole and ensuring that you have what you want where you want it physically, mentally and emotionally. Traditionally it is the time to do the less-frequent jobs around the house, but it can mean whatever you want, and even with regular decluttering habits there is a reason to have a yearly overhaul. Our likes and dislikes change, the requirements we have of our homes change, new ideas come into our minds etc and all these give rise to reasons to take stock of what we have in our homes and how we are using our space. Physically you can begin step by step with as much or as little time as you have. Set up daily or weekly habits to maintain the focus. For a mental and emotional spring clean you can use tool such as the Wheel of Life which is available as a free download on my website. Pick the sections that make sense to you and then complete each one by colouring in between 1-10. Feel free to change the headings if something more applicable comes to mind.

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