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April 2024 - What is a Declutter Coach anyway?

I started describing myself a declutter coach over the last few months because "decluttering" summarises to me the effect of my coaching and the results people are seeking in terms of being able to cut out everything from their lives (physically, mentally and emotionally) that is not serving them and be able to find their space to live their lives in the way they want - whatever that may look like.

People come to me at all stages and sometimes the presenting issue is the physical clutter but I find that along with physical clutter there is nearly always some mental and emotional clutter getting in the way too.

Your goals of course are not just to "declutter" for the sake of decluttering, but the end result of what that process will give you - whether its personal to you and your health, family relationship, job related, or linked with being able to find the space to create your own business or for a new (or restarted!) hobby.

It is the transformation that occurs when people move towards a life free from physical, mental and emotional clutter that is really impactful - the belief that something could be different and what that could look like - a peek behind the curtain or a break in the clouds.

Just imagine:

✨ The clear space you will see and feel around you

✨ Having clarity of decision making and lightness of being

✨ The ability to accept and let go of things into your life with ease

✨ Moving from procrastination to purpose

✨ A higher level of enjoyment of your space and life

Not to mention the improved energy, sleep, mental health, relationships, pride of achievement, efficiency etc...

So no, decluttering is not the same as organising or time management, the transformation goes a lot deeper than that and can impact every single corner of your life. Book in a complementary call with me if you would like to see what you could achieve:

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