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December 2023 - Put Yourself First

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Easier said than done I know, but if you don't, who will?

Some of us are blessed with caring partners, family and/or friends who will notice when we are not feeling our best- but are you truly honest with them or do you push on and neglect to ask for help? Do you keep going past comfort and into overwhelm and beyond?

This time of year adds so many pressures - shorter and darker days, more things to do, things to buy, illness, family pressures, non-fun parties, bad weather, more school holidays, travel disruption, new years resolutions to make, more food, more alcohol, more school activities, decorations inside (and out!), feelings of loss for those not around any more, and I haven't even said the C- word yet!

Whether you embrace Christmas or not, whether it is a happy time for you or not, it adds extra pressure. So it is even more important to check in with yourself and your needs. Anyone who loves you - and that hopefully includes YOURSELF, will not want you to be depleted and lost either financially or health-wise.

So what can you do - as I said its easier said than done but first realise what can you actually control. And the answer to this is only yourself. Others may continue to make demands, the tv will continue to request you buy everything to ensure a good Christmas, the rain will pour and the food and alcohol will appear. Christmas Eve boxes will be opened on Instagram and you can still choose how you react.

Choose now to put yourself first (perhaps your kids a close second!) but think longer term than just the end of the year. Make conscious and assertive choices about what is good for you and your health. Say no to things with good intention rather than guilt, Once you are clear on your needs and priorities you will find it easier to make those choices. If you need some guidance or help then please join the Facebook group - we are running a "self-care" Advent calendar.

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