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July 2024 - How to Get Started

If you have been with me for a while (or even if you haven't!) you will probably know that I help people with their decluttering. Some people have already done some and are looking for tips and motivation, some have come to more of a cross roads in their lives and feel like they need to make some big changes and some just want to make sure that clutter doesn't creep back into their lives. Wherever they are on the journey a common theme is knowing where to start!

I say the first place to start, before you even think about the "what" you are going to do is to think about the "why". We don't declutter because we love to declutter and throw stuff away - we do it for a multitude of other reasons. Generally anything and everything in your life can be improved by decluttering and simplifying.

Work out what you want to achieve or what you want to be better in your life - it could be something in the foundations of life such as sleep, diet, movement, hydration, fresh air etc or perhaps something like being able to have visitors over without stressing, achieve more at work, relax at the weekends, or even to stop a compulsive buying habit, use the craft items that you have already bought or simply knowing where to find things so you are not wasting your time and re-buying things you already have.

Pick one thing that means to most to you and then before you start to plan the steps towards that thing make sure you really define for yourself what "good" looks like. For example if you choose improving your sleep as the first priority then decide for yourself what that looks like - is it an earlier bedtime, is it a longer period of sleep or perhaps something else?

Then the next step is working out what needs to change to achieve it - do you need to declutter your bedroom to make it more relaxing, do you need to consider a bedtime routine or perhaps an early dinner time. Hopefully by the time you have come to this step you will have lots more ideas on what you might need to do.

Finally once you have a list of tasks and things to actually "do", a really crucial part is to decide "when" and "how" you will be doing it. This is important to actually turn your now more detailed plans into things you will actually do! Diarise the tasks, schedule them into your diary and think about when makes sense in relation to your other priorities in life.

If you need help or support with this I am currently offering free 20 minute calls where you will leave with a proper plan that you actually believe in!

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