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June 2023 - It’s not the coaching that matters

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

This month I thought I would expand on what I offer to people through coaching and why it is not the coaching itself that I am focussing on. My business started as a very practical and physical service – firstly helping others sell their unwanted items on eBay and secondly helping others to declutter their space and find systems to ensure their spaces were serving them and their lifestyle. As the business grew and I personally learnt new skills and ways of working I trained to be a coach.

(Coaching itself is not a regulated professional so any one can call themselves a coach so if you are looking for coaching then make sure the person is qualified)

Coaching has elevated what I can offer and how much depth I can bring to helping my clients. This is where the value of my services really took off in terms of the scope of transformation I could bring. And so this is where I put my focus – the transformation that can be experienced. Transformation sounds like a quite a big term, but it is transformation that we seek out when things feel stuck or difficult. We want to transform our situation to that where it feels better.

Although we hold all the skills inside ourselves there may be any number of things holding us back such as values we hold but don’t recognise or fulfil, limiting beliefs about ourselves or our lives, boundaries that we haven’t firmed up and so many other ways that we have been conditioned to think small and look down. It is the process of coaching that illuminates and challenges different thinking and different perspectives, but it is the changes inside a person that are the absolute focus and meaning. So, when I am asked what I do I would like to reply that I help people find space – physically, mentally and emotionally. This space is transformative in terms of allowing goals to be crystallised and progress to take place.

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