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June 2024 - Letting Go is hard!

In the Facebook group this month we are talking about "letting go". It is a broad concept but in relation to decluttering it is key to being able to make the final step and let something leave your home, your mind and ultimately your life. Letting go needs to come from a place of strength and this strength could be unstable or weakened for lots of reasons- which is why it can feel disproportionately hard!

If you have ADHD, then letting go can be especially difficult, partly because of the emotional attachment we have to things, partly because of the trouble we can have to see a task through to completion, it can also be harder because we can have a million and one interests that we dive into (which gives rise to stuff!) and there is the fear of the waste or the the belief that that we may one day come back to it. People with ADHD are also not always secure in their sense of self, their worth as individuals and are used to feeling worse or less than others and so being secure enough to let go is extra tricky.

The experiences with letting go that we have had can provoke things like grief, scarcity mindset, fear of what comes next which again all adds to the the risk that we don't do it.

Consider your drivers for wanting to let go - whether this is of physical, mental or emotional clutter - what will come in it's place? What will you do with the physical space you create, will you reward yourself, what will you be able to do, think and feel? Fill in all the gaps for your brain and visualise the lovely space, your happy smile and the fun things you will be able to do to help your emotional side catch up with your intellectual "knowing" that you will be able to live without clutter!

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