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May 2023 - Decluttering, organisation or something else?

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

I am often asked about the difference between decluttering, organisation, and how coaching fits into that.

For me decluttering is simply the removal of clutter. What that means to you is individual and what you define as clutter is for you to decide. Some people find anything on shelves or surfaces feels like clutter whereas some people enjoy looking at their possessions. Some find that boxes packed up in the loft is convenient and helps preserve important things whereas to others this is still pointless clutter.

The fact is that clutter is bad for your health, a few examples: physically in terms of fire risk and dust accumulation, mentally in terms of frustration and disorganisation, and emotionally in terms of feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. Of course, there are plenty more implications from clutter, but you can already see that decluttering can promote your health.

The importance of this is the process of identifying what is clutter to you and deciding what you do and don’t want around you. This process can be complex and more emotional than it first appears which is why it can be extremely difficult to know where or how to get started. This is where coaching can help. A non-judgemental discussion around your goals of decluttering and identifying what you do and don’t want in your life. (This can extend into non-physical items of course!)

Coaching can help identify why you are holding onto things which on the surface don’t seem to have an obvious place in your life. It can help you understand yourself and why you are currently struggling with clutter and delve into your thoughts and feelings around the things that come up. Your physical space is often a manifestation of what is going on internally and without dealing with the inside first you are dealing with the symptoms rather than the cause. t

You can see know how physically decluttering your space can actually be secondary to the coaching process and self-understanding of what is going on. This is how I manage most of my coaching relationships in a virtual setting and often through the coaching process clients start to begin actually moving the actual stuff much more easily.

Organisation is a separate process which cannot happen before decluttering. There is no point trying to organise or store items until you have identified what you want to keep. Organising is about finding homes for all the things you want to keep, creating a flow in your house for your life activities and making sure that things you use frequently are accessible and easy to use and return to their homes. It is a much more straightforward process but still having the space to discuss and work out what you need from your home can be life changing in itself.

Coaching underpins all the transformations that need to take place and is a catalyst for the changes that need to happen. It shines a light on the things that you are not seeing and can help you unravel for yourself what you truly need and want from your life.

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